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Fix Windows 7 Stuck on Welcome Screen Issue

You turn on your computer, able to get to work on your latest project except for some reasons you cannot get past the Welcome screen. you've got tried everything even powering off the pc then turning it back on, but nothing seems to work. this can be a problem that a lot of Windows 7, 8 and 10 users are experiencing although it's more common for Windows 7. It is often a really frustrating issue to face since you're not even ready to access your system to fix the most problematic. But worry not! this article is full of various solutions which will allow you to beat the matter of Windows 7 stuck on the welcome screen and help you get back control of your computer.
Fix it by automatic repair windows 7 stuck on welcome screen
Performing an Automatic repair on your computer is additionally a method to repair this problem and lots of others on Windows 7. Here's how to do an automatic repair;
Step 1: Put the installation media into your computer then follow the instructions else your computer from the media.
Step 2: Select your language of choice then click on "Next".
Step 3: instead of clicking "Install now" as you'd with a traditional installation, choose "Repair Your Computer".
Step 4: Hit on "Troubleshoot" > "Advanced Options".
Step 5: Click on "Startup Repair". this feature can also be named "Automatic Repair" on some computers.
Step 6: the process will now start. you'll finish the fixing process by following the instructions on the interface.
When the process is complete, restart the PC to see if the problem has been fixed.