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Account Recovery Methods of Page

An individual has to move to the Google account recovery page by tapping the link for Help, and it'll transfer you to the official page of Google. There's a need to enter an email address that you want to recover. Tap on the "Next" button.
By using the for Help page, individuals are asked to enter the last password. Once you know a similar, there's a requirement to enter a same alternatively tap on the link "Try another way".
Now, Google will ask you with a series of questions, and there's a requirement to offer correct answers for that. Then, you'll use your Google Account. If you are doing not succeed, you should try a different method, and it means to form a recovery by email and phone number on a similar page https // for
When you have your registered alternate email address, Google will provide you with a choice to recover your account by using the secondary email address. You're required to pick that option; there's a requirement to enter the email address and tap on "Next" button. There's a requirement to open a similar email address that has been provided by you to urge the one-time security code. It's required for you to enter the same code on the Google Account recovery page. Tap on Next, and you'll get how to access the Google account with a new password.
When you have the registered phone number, the user can recover the account by doing a similar. By using the recovery page for Help, there'll be a choice to enter the phone number to urge the one-time security code. There's a requirement to type a similar and tap on the "Next" button. You ought to search for the security code and sort the same on the recovery page. It's required to make a new password and use the Google Account. You would like to ascertain if your password recovery issue has been solved by using https // password reset.