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Microsoft system protection background tasks

The srtasks.exe may be a legal file that's executed by the Microsoft Windows system protection background tasks. it's actually a software component produced by the Microsoft windows. This executable file will assist you to determine the system restore points. But confirm that you simply haven't deleted the srtasks.exe. If you face this problem, then you'll observe that tons of system resources are consumed by this. This process can occupy 70% or more of the protection storage. due to this problem, viruses and malware become more active and creative in your system. Being a standard technical problem, you'll resolve it with a few manual tweaks.
Most of the time you'll find that this task consumed a lot of system resources. So, if you're facing this problem, then perform the below steps.
1. At first, tap on the Windows key and R at the same time on your keyboard to launch the Run application.
2. Next, enter “system properties protection”.
3. then, go to the System Properties option then click on the System Protection option.
4. Thereafter, click on the Enter button.
5. Now, go to the Protection Settings option then press the configure button.
6. Next, disable the system protection and to do that you simply got to set the Restore Settings.
7. Finally, click on the Apply option and thus assist you to see whether the System Restore is disabled permanently or not.