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how to deactivate discord

This Webaccountshelp teaches you how to deactivate Discord app from your computer. If you modify your mind, you'll reinstall the app anytime.
1. Open your Mac's Applications folder. The Applications folder looks like a blue folder icon with an "A" on that. you'll find it on the Dock or on the left sidebar in any Finder window. If you do not see the sidebar in Finder, press ⌥ Option+⌘ Command+S on your keyboard to show/hide the sidebar.
2. Find the discard application in your Applications folder. The Discord app feels like a blue circle with a white gamepad icon in it.
3. Drag and drop the Discord app into your trash bin. Hold down the app icon in your Applications folder, and drag it to the trash bin on the Dock. this can move Discord to your trash folder.
4. Open your trash bin. Click the trash bin icon on the Dock to open your trash folder.
5. Right-click the Discord icon in Trash. Your options will pop up on a menu.
6. Click Delete Immediately on the right-click menu. This option will permanently remove the Discord app from your computer.
7. Click Delete within the confirmation pop-up. this can confirm your decision, and take away the Discord app from your computer.