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How can i add or remove a Comcast email account?

Follow the steps listed below to Set up a Comcast email account:
1. Touch 3dot Image > Settings > Under Accounts touch +Add account
2. Touch Email
3. Enter the username and password. some of the more popular email accounts, like Comcast, should set up automatically.
If you're unsuccessful with fixing your account automatically, enter your email address and password and touch Manual setup, and use the manual settings below:
Comcast Manual Settings
Server Type: POP3
POP3 server:
Incoming Port: 995 for SSL security type (or 110 for TLS security type)
Security Type: SSL or TLS
Authentication Method: Password
SMTP Server:
Outgoing Port: 465 for SSL security type (or 587 for TLS security type)
Security Type: SSL or TLS
Require sign-in: CHECKED
Authentication Method: Auto
To remove the account:
1. Touch 3dot Image
2. Touch Settings
3. Touch the e-mail account type
4. Touch the e-mail account you would like to remove
5. Touch Menu Image
6. Touch Remove account
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